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5 Tips that Give You the Best Chance at a Longer Lasting Transmission

Vehicle transmissions can be quite easy to maintain, yet very expensive to replace. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to take care of your automotive transmission regularly, rather than being caught off-guard by a hefty repair bill later. The following tactics will help to keep your transmission working well and shifting seamlessly behind the wheel.

Following are the tips for maintaining your car and how to go about car transmission repair:

Check Your Fluids

It may sound very simple, but maintaining your transmission fluid is one of the simplest ways to take care of your car’s transmission. This will also allow service mechanics the chance to find any potential problems, based on the level or absence of fluid. Most of the time, leaks can cause difficulties, so finding a leak before it becomes an expensive repair is essential for the health of your transmission.

Boost Your Transmission

There are numerous great products available in the automotive market which can greatly increase the lifespan of your transmission, and enhance the performance of your car. A must have product for you would be the friction modifying additives that you can find at Chandler West Auto. Our experts will work with you to identify and assist you with ways to take full advantage of these transmission additives,. Getting an experts advice on this can help your car transmission be at your service for more miles and ensure cost effectiveness through affordable engine repair services.

Give Your Brakes a Break

Riding the brakes of your vehicle can lead to critical problems over time when it comes to your transmission. Pay close and attentive attention when you apply your brakes, and resort to down shift whenever it is possible. This is not always an alternative for the people with automatic transmissions, if you have questions about how Chandler West Auto Service can help out with your automatic car transmission repair, give us a call at (Insert No.).

Let It Get Warm

Take time to warm your car up before dropping it in gear and driving. This applies to both warm-weather and cold-weather driving. Give the car 5 to 10 minutes to idle before taking off. Let your vehicle warm up in cold weather before you change the gears and make sure to take all the necessary safety precautions when you are out driving in the winters.

Look for repairs and concerns quickly

Do not delay in having your car looked at when you notice signs of a car transmission repair problem. This might include a weird smell, grinding when shifting gears, or a strange sound. If you fail to address all these concerns quickly, it might result in far more complicated and costly problems.

With quality care and knowledge, your car transmission must serve you well. The advantages of putting some time and effort into properly maintaining your transmission are going to pay off in the form of affordable repair costs, increased reliability, and elimination of headaches later on! For more information about Chandler West Auto or concerns regarding general transmission repair in Chandler, please feel free to contact us at (Insert no.) and talk to an expert.


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