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Transmission is unquestionably amongst the most critical components that are responsible for ensuring your automobile’s efficient and smooth operation. Without proper and regular maintenance, the engine and transmission of your car is likely to stop functioning optimally. It can significantly impact your driving pleasure as well as ride’s overall quality.

Problems with transmission often cause hard shifting, gear slipping, grinding noises and diverse other severe disruptions. Whenever it happens, you must get in touch with Chandler Automotive Repair right away. We are always available to assist our invaluable clients to be more cautious regarding the health of their vehicle’s engine and transmission system.

We have an excellent team of experienced and certified mechanics who can thoroughly perform emissions replace service as well as fluid flush. It will facilitate in making sure that your car’s transmission mechanism keeps on running efficiently and safely. If you believe that now is the right time to get your automobile’s transmission and engine serviced, our qualified and friendly technicians at Chandler West Auto eagerly look forward to help you.

How Can We Assist You?

Transmission is an extremely complex component that contains multiple sensors and gears. It works as a mechanical bridge between wheels and engine of your vehicle. The transmission makes sure that all the energy produced by engine is smoothly transferred to the wheels.

This whole activity understandably generates loads of heat. If this heat is not controlled with the help of transmission fluids, it can cause severe damages and you might need car engine service. At Chandler West Auto we can assist in this particular regarding by providing:

Resealing Services

It is highly probable that your transmission isn’t holding fluid and it is leading to many other problems. In this scenario, you might require our affordable engine repair and resealing services. Our fantastic and experienced experts carry out this process by:

  • Carefully removing your vehicle’s transmission and disassembling it in order to thoroughly carry out the whole service.

  • Replacing certain components and external seals to ensure that the problem of fluid retention is corrected.

Once all parts are replaced, our certified mechanics reinstall the transmission and refill it with fresh fluid. Before taking your vehicle for a short road test we make several external adjustments to ensure everything is properly functioning. Furthermore, at Chandler West Auto we also conduct diverse emission tests with incredibly reasonable emission testing fees. Feel free to call us or visit our workshop today!

Clutch Service

Are you one of those individuals who love to drive a vehicle with manual transmission? We have great news for you as our unbeatable services of transmission repair in Chandler include multi-point examination of manual transmission. It is an effective method to find out if your car’s clutch has any problems.

After the inspection if our mechanics find that the problem cannot be fixed by doing external replacements, repairs or adjustments, we often follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Take out your automobile’s transmission.

  • Comprehensively inspect the flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc and other relevant components.

  • Change any part if necessary.

  • Reinstall transmission and refill it with clean and fresh fluid.

  • Make sure that the clutch is adjusted and installed perfectly.

At Chandler West Auto we take no chances when it comes to quality assurance and satisfaction of our customers. That is why after performing regular maintenance, transmission or engine repair services, one of our seasoned mechanics takes your vehicle for a test ride. It enables us to check if your car needs any further minor tweaks. Want to learn more about our exceptional automotive maintenance and repair services? Call us right now!

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