Your car has hundreds of parts and components and some of them demand maintenance on a regular basis. Are you aware of the vehicle servicing time intervals and points that are officially recommended by the manufacturer of your automobile? It is alright if you do not, since we understand that it is pretty hard to remember how often your cars must be serviced.

At Chandler West Auto we will gladly take this burden off your shoulders by offering you superlative car maintenance services. All you need to do is bring your automobile to our modern facility where you will get access to honest, friendly, skilled, experienced and certified technicians.

Our All-Inclusive Automobile Maintenance Solutions

One of the best things that make Chandler West Auto a premier facility is the broad and comprehensive scope of vehicle and maintenance services we offer. We are proud to have state of the art diagnostic equipment and tools. Therefore, irrespective of the size, type, model and manufacturer of your car, our seasoned mechanics can fix any of your car issues.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that our incredible auto workshop provides you with much more choices as compared to the official dealership. That is how we take good care of your needs. Following are some noteworthy car maintenance services that we offer you at Chandler West Auto.

Oil Check

In order to get optimal performance from your car, you are bound get its oil checked and changed on a regular basis. The interval of time at which vehicles need oil change in Chandler AZ can vary depending on the type and make of your automobile. Our superb technicians have extensive knowledge of when your car’s oil should be changed.

Moreover, we use only top quality motor oil of proper kind and viscosity that is advised by the maker of your vehicle.

Automobile Tire Alignment Services

Do you know that improper alignment of your car’s wheels does only decrease its tires’ life and spoils your driving experience, but it badly impacts the fuel economy as well? At Chandler West Auto, we advise you to bring your vehicle to our advanced auto workshop after every six months or six thousand miles. During our regular tire balancing alignment services in Chandler we adjust and inspect some of the following
components of your vehicle:

  • Air pressure of tires

  • Rear and front steering

  • Tire condition and tire wear

  • Suspension system

  • Toe, caster and camber angles

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