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The maintenance of your automobile’s brakes is something that should always get the first priority. Brakes assist in ensuring that you, your beloved family and other people on the road are safe. Therefore, you have got to be super attentive and always keep looking for certain indications that show that you need car brake services immediately.

You must visit our experienced technicians at Chandler West Auto straight away, if you come across any of the following noteworthy signs:z

  • Brake pedal demands extra pressure

  • Brake pedal feels spongy

  • The response time of brake pedal is noticeably slow

  • Your automobile tilts either left or right whenever you hit the brake pedal

  • Strange vibrations or noises happening when you push brake pedal

  • You have not got your brakes inspected by our experts for over twelve thousand miles or more than a year

  • You have squealing, squeaking or grinding brakes

These days, a lot of brake pads come with a special metal component. It makes a very slight yet perceptible squeal. Over time, the sound of squealing intensifies in a bid to warn that your vehicle needs tire brake service. Therefore, if you start hearing a considerably loud squeal, you should take your car to our advanced Chandler West Auto Facility.

Our Technicians Are Certified and Experienced to Fix Your Car’s


Being your supreme partner in automobile maintenance and care, Chandler West Auto provides you with all-inclusive car brake services. Our qualified mechanics thoroughly inspect the braking mechanism before they figure out and correct the issue. We take a good look at some of the following components during the brake examination process:

  • Rotor Ware

  • Thickness of Brake Pad

  • Brake Hardware

  • Calipers

  • Brake Hoses

  • Hydraulic/brake Fluid (condition and level)

Whenever our technicians service your car, we give you an honest and upfront review of all things that should be replaced or fixed, including the cost of labor and parts. The maintenance and service of your vehicle will be initiated once you give us a green signal.

What Makes Us the Best?

At Chandler West Autos, our ultimate goal is to offer you durable and affordable tire brake service. We are committed to ensure 100% satisfaction of customers by providing you with:

  • A team of professional, certified technicians

  • Convenient location

  • Clean and comfy waiting rooms

  • Wide-ranging automotive maintenance and repair services

  • Competitive pricing

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