Get Your AC Fixed to Enjoy Cool and Comfy Ambiance in Your Car

It can be overwhelmingly uncomfortable to drive a car if its AC is not working properly, especially in the melting heat of summers. If you’re not getting any relief even after turning your vehicle’s air conditioning to the maximum point, then there can be multiple reasons behind it. Do not normalize this wretched situation by settling for driving your car with its windows down, continuously sweating from brutal sun and humidity. 

At Chandler West Autos, we specialize in offering unparalleled AC repair services. Our experienced technicians perform topnotch auto AC repair in Chandler AZ so that you can start commuting contentedly once again. Just bring your car to our easily reachable and modern workshop so that our auto professionals can figure out the issue and correct it right away.

Some Common Car AC Issues You Must Be Aware Of

At Chandler West Auto, we have successfully fixed countless cars with broken air conditioning systems. Our qualified experts have discovered some of the most common factors that break down car ACs including:

  • Malfunctions in AC’s control head

  • Leaking or clogged condenser

  • Leaks in car’s air conditioning system

  • Inappropriate level of refrigerant

  • Debris and moisture ridden filters

  • Cross contamination of the refrigerant

  • Broken belt

  • Broken pressure switches

  • Clutch problems

  • Damaged compressor

A lot of times the deteriorated quality of AC occurs because of the low levels of refrigerant. However, our car AC repair in Chandler AZ technicians will thoroughly examine your car. We will figure out whether sole culprit is low level of refrigerant or some other factors are also playing their role in this problem.

In addition to it, you should never try to recharge the AC unit of car yourself. Incorrect or unnecessary filling of refrigerant can cause some serious and irreparable damages to the air conditioning system. It is wise to leave this task to our auto professionals who have years of experience and training to do this job efficiently.

Allow Chandler West Auto to Help You

We do car AC repair in Chandler by employing cutting edge diagnostic techniques and equipment to determine the root cause of your automobile’s AC problems. After pinning down the issue we will offer you transparent and honest solutions. Whether it is air filters of your vehicle’s AC that need to be cleaned or leaking tubes that should be replaced, our specialists at Chandler West Auto will fix all problems professionally and at an affordable price.

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